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Reach Beyond the Exam Hall

TestReach is a unique formal examination solution that is web-based and very simple to use. Candidates take exams online observed remotely by our trained supervisors and if you have responsibility for authoring exams, there is an optional test creation module that is functionally rich and quick to roll out. Don’t take our word for it, try it now!

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Exams

If you are thinking of running exams online, this essential guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started. Download it now!


Secure, flexible & cost-effective

We offer a completely flexible solution for formal exams that is highly scalable, very secure and extremely cost-effective when compared to the traditional exam hall.



Why not allow candidates choose when and where they take formal exams? Set up tests on your own test system and our trained supervisors remotely monitor each exam in real-time.

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Testing and Supervision

Testing and Supervision

Don’t have an online test system? No problem. We have a fully integrated online testing and proctoring solution, so you can quickly and easily create professional tests for us to supervise.

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Invigilate verb : Watch over students taking an exam. [UK English] Proctor verb : Supervise an exam. [US English]

It doesn’t matter where you are based, once candidates have internet access and a webcam we can supervise their exams.

Educational Bodies

Offer complete faculty course exams online, extend the reach of your distance education programs or simply cater for re-sits and missed exams.


Remove the administration and inflexibility of running face-to-face certification exams and easily extend your services to members and affiliates in new geographies.


Have you considered formally certifying your partners, employees and customers on your products and services? It can greatly reduce errors and improve overall quality and satisfaction.

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